Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nam in the Garage

Nick vs Carl, using the Flames of War Vietnam rules.

The scenario was 'hot LZ'.  The Americans landed in the center of the table, and had to take an objective in one of the corners.  In our case, the objective was a crashed helicopter.

Nick played it cautiously, using his first platoon to set up a dfence around the landing zone.  His second platoon landed and started to move out to the objective.  At this point, Carl dropped a horde of NVA in the scrub.  While not blocking the route to the objective, they dominated the pathway.  So Nick couldn't send more troops to the objective without taking a lot of casualties.

Artillery from a firebase was called in, and a helicopter gunship went to work.  The NVA company was damaged -- but was still strong enough to fend off any US attack.  And then another NVA company appeared.  Nick was about to bring in his third platoon, but one helicopter was hit by AK 47 fire and broke off (1 VP to Carl).

The helicopter gunship and the artillery did some more damage.  A replacement helicopter appeared to fill in for the one that broke off -- and it was damaged as well (another VP to Carl).

Finally, the NVA Anti-aircraft battery openned up.  It missed, and retribution was brutal -- on AA battery destroyed by Artillery, gunship, and direct M60 fire.  (1 VP to Nick).

With NVA all around him, Nick couldnt do much other than shoot.

Carl then dropped his last AA battery.  It shot down the Hog gunship and the artillery observation helicopter.  (another 2 VP to CARL).  Meanwhile a NVA sapper company pushed the US off the crashed chopper objective.

At this point the US were well entrenched, and the NVA couldnt attack them.  The NVA were taking hits from Artillery, so they opted to melt into the jungle, leaving behind 4 damaged or downed helicopters -- a major victory to the NVA. 

Analysis after the game was that Nick should have pushed hard to the objective.  By the end of the game, his LZ was too well protected, but he couldnt move once the NVA platoons started appearing all around him. 

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