Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bolt Action 28mm

Mike's US v. Steve's Germans

Mike's army had 4 infantry squads, some support weapons & a Brit Cromwell (commanded by Jim in between umpiring).  Steve's army was veteran with 3 infantry squads, some support weapons & a Puma.

The scenario was #2...Maximum Attrition.  Both sides come on from opposite sides with VPs gained by destroying enemy squads.  We made it 8 turns rather than 6 to compensate for the big table (10x6).
The Germans are on the left, US on the right.  Both sides deployed spread out across most of the front.  On the far flank, both sides had one infantry squad isolated from the rest.  The German vets soon got on top and eventually destroyed their opponents.

In the centre the US advanced through the fields and the town.  The Cromwell moved down the road but was taken on by a Panzerschrek in the tree line.  The Cromwell backed off and moved to the left to intercept the Puma which was advancing on the near flank supported by infantry.

The Puma declined to take the Cromwell on and fell back behind the ridge among the infantry.  With time running out, the Cromwell moved along the ridge to take on the Puma and it's infantry support.  It proved to be a rash move & the Cromwell was knocked out by the Puma.

Meanwhile in the centre a GI squad had been pinned down on the road and destroyed by MG fire from the hamlet on the left.   The allies lost 2 infantry squads and a tank, but they had picked off a MMG, a panzerschrek & a mortar, so VPs were equal and the battle was tie (though a moral victory for the Germans who had clearly killed many more enemies than the allies).

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