Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Battle at the Ordnance Store

We haven't moved house yet, but after last Sunday's working bee, the wargames room was ready for action.  There's still some fine tuning to do with the set up, but it's looking good.

Bolt Action 28mm: Steve's German vets v. Mike's US regs.

Mission 1 in the book is a breakthrough mission which counts VPs as: 1 for each enemy squad destroyed plus for the attacker 2 for each squad moved off the far edge of the table.  We compensated for using an 8x6 table by allowing 8 turns rather than 6 & restricting the attacker's exit zone to the middle 6'.
The Germans are defending the left hand side of the table with 2 squads of vet infantry supported by a mortar, a HMG & a Sdkfz 251.  The US have 3 regular infantry squads supported by a mortar, a HMG, a bazooka and an inexperienced Brit Cromwell.

The US attacked up the centre with 2 squads and the Cromwell while the 3rd squad made a flank march on their right.  The Germans mounted an active defense, counterattacking the infantry in the centre and destroying it with rifle & mg fire.  The Cromwell destroyed one squad, but the 2nd infantry squad moved up with a panzerfaust and took it out.
The 3rd US infantry squad came on well down the far flank and made for the rear edge.  The Sdkfz 250 headed off through the woods to stop them, but it was attacked and destroyed allowing the GI's to exit the table & gain 2 VPs.  But it wasn't enough, the Germans had mopped up the rest of the US force while losing only 3 squads themselves to gain enough VPs to win.

We got into some new territory with armour v. infantry & had to spend a bit of time hunting for unfamiliar rules (not always where you expect them to be), but it still went well & we all had a good time.  The 28mm's sure look good & certainly improve the game over the 1/72 scale we'd used previously.

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