Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last Battle at Cromwell St

Next Sunday the Camp Cromwell  HQ is moving to new quarters in the Ordnance Store in Castray Esplanade.  (We are downsizing from a big house to an apartment).  It's a pity to lose the Cromwell St address, but an apartment in an old Ordnance Store isn't a bad wargamer's address either.  The building was built in 1836 as the military store for the colony, located right next to the Battery Point battery that protected the port.  The new games room has less square metres than the old, but as one 5m square room it's a more efficient space.

Hail Caesar:  Rome v. Britain

Mike's Romans v, Steve & Jim's British.  Same armies as last week, each with 3 divisions.
The Romans are on the far side of the table, deployed with infantry in front, cavalry as a central reserve.  The British have their chariots & cavalry on their left.  Initially only the British cavalry has advanced while the Roman right has been curled back.
The Roman right is engaged with the chariots.  Their left has moved to the right to make a gap for their cavalry.  The British infantry is stuttering forward.
The infantry on the near flank are slogging it out.  The Roman horse is moving forward. The chariots are getting ready to attack.
On the far flank the chariots are now supported by infantry and the Roman infantry are under pressure.  On the near flank the infantry fight has broken apart.
On the far flank the Roman infantry has broken.  In the centre the Roman horse is threatening to break through.   On the near flank the Romans seem to be getting the upper hand in the infantry fight.
The British left has been broken by the Roman foot.  Their centre has been destroyed by the Roman horse.   But the centre British infantry division still has 2 units left so has not broken and their horse has galloped to the rescue.
The chariots have smashed into the Roman horse.
The Roman heavy cavalry has been destroyed & a sweeping advance has taken out an infantry unit by flank attack.  The Romans are down to 2 divisions, both on wood.
The British horse has taken a Roman light horse unit in front and flank to break the the division and the army.

A very enjoyable last battle for Cromwell St.  Next week we'll christen the new place.

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Itinerant said...

Congrats on the new place. Look forward to pics of your first game there.