Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Hail Caesar

Jim's Romans v. Mike's Britons

The Romans (on the left in the pics) had 2 infantry divisions & 1 cavalry division.  They deployed their cavalry on their left and stiffened their right with ballistas.
The Britons had 2 infantry divisions and a chariot division.  They deployed their chariots on the their right and supported their left flank infantry with 2 light cavalry.
The Romans advanced their centre with the wings echelloned back.  The Britons tried to make a general advance, but the chariots were slow to advance as were the light caavlry.  Bodicia dropped back to hurry up the light cavalry.
The whole line has engaged with mixed fortunes for both sides.  The Briton light horse is finally on the move.
On the far flank the Roman horse is broken but one unit of heavy cavalry fights on stubornly in an ongoing combat. On the near flank the Britons have pushed the Romans back, but the Roman centre has pushed forward.  The Romans use their better command to turn into the flank of the Briton left.
The last Roman horse unit has finally got a fall back result and has to retire.  But on the Briton division on the near flank has also broken - their cavalry have to retire before they even got into action.
The Britons in the centre are almost broken, but fall back while the chariots sort themselves out and come to the rescue.  The Romans in the centre are in danger of being surrounded while their other division is brought across to help out.
The Roman centre hangs on as a new line is formed as the right flank division splits either side of it to provide much needed support.
The chariots and legionaries exchange javelins as the Romans slowly manoeuvre their best units around the flanks.  Both sides are on the verge of breaking.
Finally the second Briton infantry division breaks giving the Romans victory.

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