Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pike & Shotte 15mm

Mike's Poles v. Steve's Ottomans

Mike & Steve swapped armies from last week with the armies were modified slightly so both had 4 divisions.  Defeat conditions were losing 3 divisions, or 2 divisions plus the enemy holding the entire village.  Jim commanded the Polish Ratjars for Mike.

The Ottomans are on the left.  Their deployment from left to right is Gonulu, Jannisaries (+guns), Turkeki & Sipahis.  The Poles from the left have: Ratjars, German Infantry (2P+4S), 2nd Infantry (1P+2S & 1 Polish) plus Cavalry in front of centre (Winged Hussars, 2 Pancerni & 1 dragoon).

The Ratjars are advancing in the foreground, the German infantry have blundered forward, the Polish dragoons have galloped through the village & seized the far side.  The Polish cavalry & 2nd infantry are advancing to support them.
The Ottomans are advancing their left while holding back their left to allow their artillery time to take effect.

In the foreground the Ratjars have swept around the Ottoman flank, but the Gonullu have turned to meet them and the fight has stalemated.  The German infantry is advancing slowly on the guns.  The Polish cavalry has charged the Jannisaries but has failed to break through.  The dragoons held the village long enough for infantry to come up in support.  On the far flank the Ottomans have realised that the Sipahis are wasting their time and have turned them back.

On the near flank, part of the German infantry have gone to assist the Ratjars.  In the centre the Polish foot and horse are just holding on against the Jannisaries and artillery.  In the village the 2nd Polish foot is getting through the village to attack the Turkeki.  On the far flank the Sipahis are galloping across the Ottoman rear.

On the near flank the Ratjars are broken & about to retire.  In the centre the Winged Hussars have retreated.  The 2nd Polish infantry are now hurting the Tukekci in front of the village.  The Sipahis are still coming.

The Ratjars retired broken, but the German musketeers then broke the Gonullu.  The Sipahis tried to charge the musketeers but they got into hedgehog.  The Winged Hussars have shown much discretion & fallen back.  The Polish centre has been blown away by Jannisaries & artillery, but on the far flank, the Tukekci have broken.

The Poles have lost only 1 division, the Ratjars, (though 2 are on half strength).  The Ottomans have lost 2 divisions, the Tukekci & Gonullu plus the village is entirely in Polish hands.  So the Poles have won.

The Jannisaries and artillery in the centre nearly won the battle for the Ottomans, but the Poles had used their dragoons well to seize the village.  This not only gained a victory point but also made a base for counterattack by the foot and left the Sipahis out on a useless limb leaving the rest of the Ottoman army too much to do.

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