Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Nick in the USA -- Salem, Oregon

As most of you know, my mother in law died suddenly about a month ago, and the family all suddenly ended up in Salem, Oregon, making funeral arrangements etc. It was a hard time for my fantastic wife.

Being in a new city, I of course looked up the local wargame store, and when I had some errands to do, dropped in to explore. Interestingly enough, they had an Early War Flames of War tournament scheduled for the next weekend. I of course couldnt play. But I did manage to drop in for 30 minutes to take some pictures. Apparently turn out was light -- if the tournament had been late war there would have been a lot more there. Also, the tournament had an interesting structure -- there were prizes, but the entry fee was 'puchase $50 or more FOW stuff from the store' - an interesting way to boost sales.

There was an interesting mix of players. From memory, the forces were:
- German Panzer
- German Panzer
- German Panzer (Afrika Korps)
- French Tank
- British LRDG
- British Infantry.

The store was a typical US store -- a good selection of stuff, with a massive play area out back. I made some purchases -- including Angels 20 1/100 scale fighter game, the Desert fort Ruins I had been looking for, and some dice tins. I am planning to play Angels 20 this week -- I'm looking foward to it!


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