Sunday, October 14, 2012

Operation Cromwell III

Operation Cromwell III, a FOW doubles tournament was run over the weekend in the Church hall over the road.  10 teams took part, 5 from the Kingston Bunker Rats, 2 from Launceston, 2 from Camp Cromwell and a "barbarian" team made up from half a dozen players from all 3 groups who could not play all weekend, but could play 1 or 2 matches each.   There were 4 German, 1 German/Hungarian, 2 Soviet, 1 US, 1 Canadian & 1 Western Allied Late War forces, each 2 coys totaling 2,500 points.  Four 3 hour rounds of Swiss roster were played on 8x6 tables.

The five tables had varied terrain - 2 Russian, 1 French, 1 Dutch & 1 Italian.  Three of the tables were provided by the Kingston Bunker Rats.

A little bit of Russia by the KBR.

The winners were John & Rusty from the Kingston Bunker Rats.

In second place:  Griggsey & Gazza also from Kingston Bunker Rats.

The two Launceston teams both did well, narrowly relegated to 3rd & 4th places.

On Saturday night a demonstration Hail Caesar battle was fought. It was Roman civil war battle.  Both armies had 4 divisions totaling 600 points.  The army of the revolting Marcus Metalix was commanded by the two Steves, the army of the Emperor Plastix was commanded by Mike & Jim.

The army of Plastix is on the left advancing on Metalix's force.

The battle turned into a revolving door.  After early disasters on their left, the army of Plastix looked doomed.  But his left steadied & fought a delaying action as his right crushed Metalix's left.  By 11 o'clock both sides were reduced to 2 divisions, all on the brink of breaking.  The players, ready for bed after a hard day's fighting over a 2,000 year span, agreed to a draw.

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