Friday, October 05, 2012

Nick in Launceston: Angels 20

A quiet night at the club.  There was another 2500 point doubles Flames of War game.  No references to poetry this week -- unless I can find something about big guns being turned into plowshares (involuntarialy).  Nick and Rob played Angels 20 -- WW II air combat using 1/100 planes.

The scenario was the initial scenario in the book -- two ME 109's at altitude 3 vs two Hurricanes at altitude 2.  The British win if they can climb both planes to altitude 5 without damage, and either side wins if it shoots down a plane of the other side.  (The scenario assumes there are tempting bomber targets at Altitude 5 that the Hurricanes need to intercept)

We stuffed up a few rules -- like victory conditions (assumed it was just one British plane that needed to get to Altitude 5, and didnt notice the 'undamaged' bit) and the climb rules (we forgot to add the +4 to your next die roll to climb a level if you end a turn trying to climb). 

The Hurricanes tried to get to altitide, but consistently rolled low dice.  In fact, they rolled low dice for shooting, for initiative, for everything!  One of the ME 109's got on the tail of one Hurricane.  The poor plane couldnt shake it off, and took a point of damage.  The Hurricane kept climbing, but the ME 109 has better climb, and kept up with the Hurricane, inflicting more damage (crippling the plane).  The Hurricane made one last attempt to go to altitude 5, but failed, and ended up suddenly going to Altitude 0 in a ball of flame as the ME 109 on its tail finished it off.  

A quick game -- my though is that the game would probably be better with 3-4 planes a side.  And we didnt include any aces, so the battle was a bit 'plane jane'

The best thing about Angels 20 though is that the planes are 1/100 scale -- perfect for Flames of War. 

Angels 20.  Note the ME 109's are Airfix 'mini kit' models, and not the Angels 20 models.  And the stands are my own, not the supplied 2" stands.

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