Thursday, October 04, 2012

Maharajah Trophy 2012 Round 1

Jim's Pontic army v. Mark's Imperial Romans

700 pts (including house rule command pts so about 500 RAW) on 10x6 table.

The Romans deployed a cavalry division of 2 heavy and 3 light on their right, an auxilary division of 4 heavy inf on the right and 2 legionary divisions of 4 legionary and 2 skirmishers in the centre.
The Ponts deployed 2 phalanx divisions in the centre, each of 3 phalanxes, 2 light inf and 2 skirmishers, and a cavalry division on each flank of 2 heavy cav & 3 light.

The Ponts made a general advance though it was slowed by poor command for the left hand infantry division.

The action started with skirmishing on both flanks with both side's rights getting disrupted by morale under fire - which delayed close action.

The Ponts are still trying to get their cavalry to grips on both flanks.

The infantry finally get to grips in the centre.  On the far flank the Pontic cavalry still haven't caught up with the retreating Roman horse.  On the near flank the Pontic cavalry have now got support from a phalanx, but the heavy auxilia are proving a tough nut.

On the far flank the Pontic kontoses plus some nifty light cavalry moves saw the Roman horse quickly destroyed once they were caught up with.   On the rest of the front both sides are having mixed fortunes with neither side gaining a decisive advantage.

The Pontic cavalry have turned right and the lead unit has smashed into the flank of the right hand legionary division.  The legionaries held on for a while, but finally cracked under the pressure.  On the Pontic right the auxilia also finally cracked and the Roman army broke.

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