Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Maharajah 2012 round 1, battle 2

Mike's Romans v. Steve's Sassanids

The Romans are on the far side of the table.  Cavalry on their left, legionary divisions centre & right.  The Sassanids have cavalry on both flanks, elephants right centre & infantry left centre.
The Sassanids have advanced both cavalry wings and sent their skirmishers forward in the centre.
The real action begins on the Roman left as cavalry fights cavalry.  The central legion is advancing on the elephants.  Their right has wheeled to face off the cavalry trying to flank them.

The far flank has developed into a stalemate.  The first Sassanid charge was beaten off & they settled down to an archery contest.   On the near flank, one of the auxilary medium cavalry pulled off an against the odds win v. cataphracts to swing the advantage there towards Rome.  In centre legion has charge the elephants.
The cavalry fight on the right is spluttering on, both sides on the verge of breaking, but no one getting in the killer blow.  The far flank is still stalemated.  The Romans made short work of the elephants and have turned right to face the Persian infantry.
On the right, the Sassanid cavalry have finally broken, but the victorious cavalry seem reluctant to throw themselves back into the fray.  On the far flank, the Sassanids are melting away under javelin fire, not helped by a blundering light cavalry unit impaling itself on a cohort.  In the centre the legion is making slow progress, but a 9 unit infantry unit takes some wearing down.
The Roman cavalry has finally got back into the action, but the decisive move was a cohort from the right flank getting in a flank attack on Persian infantry.  This was the last straw for them and when the Persian infantry broke it was all over.

So Mike has won through to fight Jim's Pontic army in round 2.

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