Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Bolt Action 500 pts

Jim's Brits v. Steve's Germans

500 pts, Top Secret Scenario on 6x4 table.
The troops come on from opposite sides and have to capture (or rescue) the objective chap at the centre of the table & carry him back off your table edge.  The Brits are coming on the left & the Germans on the right.  The Brits rushed a squad forward to secure the objective and then pull him back.  The Germans advanced more slowly taking the option of trying to kill the enemy rescuers before taking the objective.

The British strategy turned out to be more effective.  This is a scenario where casualties are immaterial & while the Germans may have had more fun (mowing down deliberately exposed troops), the Brits won the day with a strategy specific for the scenario.

500 pts made for a quick  battle (about an hour) & was good for learning the rules, but even a 6x4 table seemed very empty.   1,000 pts on a 6x4 looks like a better option.  

The battle was good fun, but we decided that it would have to be much better still in 28mm - picking out the individual weapon types isn't easy with 1/72 (& would be even worse in 15mm).   Any excuse to get more toys ?

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