Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pike & Shotte in 28mm

We had an early start night for the benefit of our out of town players.  SteveP had the lurgi, but Byron made it.   Mike brought the English Civil War figures he has painted up - enough for a small battle.

Jim & Steve's Royalists
Mike & Byron's Scotts
Pic taken from the Royalist left after their first move.  Both side put their cavalry on the far flank.  The cavaliers immediately charged forward 3 moves, but not quite into contact.  Their foot moved forward more sedately.

The cavalry fight was resolved quickly.  With 2 cavalier units v. 3 Scots both sides were content with both sides breaking the other.  Meanwhile the infantry are closing slowly.
In the centre the large Scots commandeered musket unit is approaching the village.  In the foreground Scots musketeers have charged the light guns before there was a pause in the action for da Angelo's pizza.
The Royalists have counterattacked in the centre & destroyed the commanded musketeers and their supporting pikes with a converging attack by pike & shotte.  Their musketeers & pikes in the centre are dangerously exposed, but are surviving on bad Scottish dice.
The Royalist centre has been blown away by artillery & muskets, but their two infantry battalia just survive on half strength.   However the Scots battalia on the near flank has lost another unit and is now broken giving a narrow victory to the Royalists.

The small numbers of units made luck more of a factor than in larger battles, but it was still an interesting and enjoyable battle and the there's no doubt that the 28mm figs look great.



fireymonkeyboy said...

Love this. 28mm often looks cramped to me, but on the nice big table there, they are in their element.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking figures Mike.
Sorry I wasn't there but I would have spread my germs amongst both armies.

Jim Gandy said...

There is a tendency among many wargamers to fill the table with troops. I think you get a much better game when you match numbers with table size so you have room to move.

steiner said...

so true jim