Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hail Caesar

Rome v. Sassanids

Team Rome: Mike, Mark & Jim.
Team Sassanid:  Steve, Rob & Dylan.
The Romans are on the right.  Jim's cavalry and Mike's Auxilia are holding back while Mark advances with the legionaries in the centre.  The Sassanids are making a general advance: Steve pulled rank & commands the cavalry on each flank, Rob has the elephants right of centre and Dylan the infantry left of centre.
The first action was between the cavalry on the near flank.  The left hand Roman heavy cavalry lost their light support due to blunder, but made up for it by throwing bulk 6's & routing the cataphracts opposing them.  The right hand heavy cavalry with support of light cavalry and legionaries shook their enemies, but were pushed back anyway.  The clash left the opposing cavalry divisions unbroken, but in no fit state to do much for a while.
In the centre the legionaries closed with the elephants.
On the far flank the Sassanid cavalry advanced only slowly while the Auxilia stood on the hill.
The legionary attack on the elephants was only semi-successful.  Both sides won on their right and lost on their left.
On the far flank the Sassanid cavalry is finally getting close to the huddle on the hill.
In the centre, the Roman advance turned into a mixed blessing as part of the Sassanid foot turned right and attacked their flank.
In the centre the legionaries have been broken by the combination of elephants and infantry.
On the near flank, the Romans have finally got reorganised and are ready to attack again.
On the far flank the Auxilia are under pressure from a combined cavalry and infantry attack.
The Roman cavalry broke their opposing cavalry, but it was too little too late.  The elephants turned into their flank and broke them in turn.  On the far flank the auxilia have been outflanked and are also collapsing.

A decisive victory for the Sassanids, but great fun for all.

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Shaun Travers said...

Always nice to see Sassanids win, they are a favourite army of mine. And so decisively too!