Sunday, September 23, 2012

Operation Cromwell Practice

Steve's Panzers + Mark's Hungarian Light Infantry
Jim's Soviets - Guard Tankovy + Strelk

Each army 2 coys totalling 2,500 pts.
Breakthrough Mission on 8x6 table, Russians defending.
The Soviets are defending the near corner with an infantry cordon.  On the right the infantry is dug in behind the river.  On the left the infantry had to deploy beyond the table centreline & are moving  to take up a position behind the river.  An IS2 tank platoon is in the cornfield on the left seeking to delay the German advance.  The other IS2 platoon is in reserve.

The Axis advanced armour & infantry to the left then turned left to attack the objective.  The 1st tankovy made a fighting retreat, but were whittled away.  The Axis reserves came on early and gained the near objective, but the 2nd tankovy platoon coming in from reserve on the right doubled over & took it back before turn 6.  The 2nd tankovy then turned right to help defend the centre where the Strelk were selling their lives dearly.  Firing from hull down on the ridge they knocked the panzers about, but the Strelk died and the Hungarian infantry took the objective.

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