Friday, September 07, 2012

Operation Cromwell Practice

Steve's Axis - Hungarian Light Infantry + Panzers
Jim's Soviets - Strelk + Tankovy

No Retreat Mission 2,500 pts on 8x6 table.  The deployment line was 30cm on the defenders side of the centreline to compensate for the big table.
The Axis deployed their infantry & artillery with panthers in ambush.  The Soviets advanced with infantry alternating with armour.  The T34's got smashed by the panther ambush, but it kept the panthers busy.
The infantry got pounded by Axis artillery & rockets, but pushed on.   A king tiger came on & started picking off the ISU122's.  Sturmovics came every turn & kept on trying to kill the king but the Axis AA kept them off, or they missed.
In true Soviet style, 2 surviving Strelk stands & a few officers actually took the objective,  but the panthers on the hill were close enough to counterattack.
There weren't enough Strelk left to hold the panthers & they retook the objective.   The surviving T34's had been moved right behind the village and the Soviets attacked again with their armour.  They got 2 panthers, but there was still enough Axis firepower to stop the Soviet's desperate charge.  

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