Sunday, December 30, 2012

FOW Surrounded Mission

Byron and Richard were supposed to fight their Maharajah trophy battle, but something came up & Byron couldn't make it.  Steve & Jim took on Richard's tankovy with Byron's Hungarian Tank Coy defending in one of the new V3 Missions - Surrounded.  2,00 pts on 10x6 table.
The defenders deploy first in the centre of the table with 2 objectives to defend.  They may have 1 platoon in immediate ambush -  put down after the attackers deploy.  The attackers can deploy either end of the table 40cm back from the defender's 60cm wide deployment zone, but must have at least 1 platoon at each end.

The Hungarians are deployed along the centre road - from the left Panthers & infantry in the village.  MkIV's on the road between the tree lines.  Panthers out of Immediate Ambush beside the bridge.  Nimrods hiding next to the farmhouse.  Wefers in the corn field.

The Ivans have a horde of super Shermans on the left, a horde of normal Shermans plus superman on the right and some uber SPGs & captured Panthers on the far side.

The pic above is after the Ivan's first turn.
The Panthers and MkIVs move to face the super Shermans on the left and blow most of them away in 2 turns.  The HQ MkIVs move off the road to support the Panthers.   The Shermans have got to the objective, but one Nimrod survived the captured Panthers only bailed, passed platoon morale, unbailed, disputed the objective and popped a Shermna - it's in the pic  amongst the smoke of burning Shermans.
Having disposed of the super Shermans the Hungarian left is rushing to the right.  The Ivans couldn't hit the Nimrod in the smoke so it maintained dispute allowing the panzers by the river to stay still & blast away.

the Nimrod was finally got, but it bought enough time for the panzers to move up and take over.  The Ivan armour melted away under side shots from MkIVs and the Panthers' big guns.  Soon only their SP guns on the ridge survived and they failed army morale.  

Early in the battle it looked like the Russians were going to overrun the objective & win easily, but  the Nimrods bought vital time for the panzer's quality to trump the Ivan's quantity.

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