Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Pike & Shotte Scots v. Parliament

Mike's Covenanters v. Steve & Jim's Parliamentarians

Both armies had 1 big infantry division & 2 cavalry divisions.  Victory conditions were that you lost of your infantry division broke, or both your cavalry divisions broke.  The Russian orthodox church looks a little out of place in Northern Britain, but 28mm buildings are still are work in progress.
The pics are taken from behind the Scots right.  The Scots have infantry in the centre, cavalry in support left centre & lancers on their left flank.   The English have infantry in the centre, cavalry on each wing.
The English pushed their infantry forward to the creek line, their right flank cavalry advanced to the edge of the swamps, their left flank cavalry moved right behind the army.  Both sides put their musketeers in front & a fire fight ensued along the river line.  The Scots lancers have crossed the creek on the Scots left.
On the far flank the English cavalry from their left swept around the flank and the lancers are withdrawing as the other English cavalry pass through the gap in the swamps.  In the centre, the English have more musketeers and have made a gap in the Scots line now filled with cavalry.  On the right the fire fight continues  indecisively.
The lancers get away as the English cavalry suffer for having a command rating of 7. The Scots horse in the centre have thought better of their advance and fallen back.  The firefight goes on on the right.
The English cavalry has crossed the creek on the far flank and has engaged the lancers.  The other cavalry division is crossing the creek to directly support the foot in the centre.  Both sides are losing units on the near flank, but the creek is discouraging anyone form attacking over it.  the Scots have moved their pikes onto the road ready to attack over the bridge.
The English cavalry are rolling up the Scots line from the left.  The lancers are already broken, the horse are almost surrounded as the English foot on their right cross the creek now they have cavalry support.  The Scots pikes have tried & failed to storm over the bridge & the Scots foot are one unit break off divisional break.
The Scots horse has been broken my massed musket fire.  The second Scots pike charge over the bridge has failed & all 3 Scots divisions are now broken.

The more crowded terrain makes for a very different battle from the more open fields we have been using.  It can make it hard to deliver a killer blow as fading divisions can find places to hide.  It's probably a good idea to use smaller armies in crowded terrain to keep the battles from dragging on too long.

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