Monday, January 21, 2013

Introducing John M to Hail Caesar

John's Carthaginians v. Jim's Gauls

The Gauls had 2 infantry divisions both 4 warbands with a cavalry division on their left of 2 medium & 2 light cavalry.  The Carthos had elephants & spearmen on their elft, Scutari in the centre & cavalry on their right facing the Gallic cavalry.

We used the rules as writ to keep it simple for John.  John soon found out why we've fiddled with the command rules as his army lumbered forward without the cavalry.  The Gauls sat back & waited for the enemy to come within charge range before charging themselves.

On their left the outnumbered Gallic cavalry tried to strike first & redress the balance, but they lucked out and the Punic counterattack soon broke the division.

On their right the Gallic foot pushed the elephants & spearmen back but they refused to break and the Gauls, as they do, ran out of steam.

In the centre the Gauls charged the Scutari pushing them back, but not breaking them either.

The victorious Punic horse wheeled left, rode down the Gallic infantry's flank guard and smashed into the flank of the division breaking it and winning the battle.
The pic is taken from behind the Punic right at the end.  The Gallic centre has been broken by the cavalry charge into their flank.

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