Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Maharajah 2012...Hail Caesar

Our club comp for 2012 has run on into 2013 due to various disruptions.  We are now fighting a round robin using Hail Caesar between Mark, Steve, Mike & Jim.  Tonight's battle pitted the Emperor Mikus Nashius v. the revolting Markus Oaktavius.  Jim & Steve umpired.
The Emperor is on the left with 2 infantry divisions a cavalry division on the far flank.  The rebels are on the right with 3 infantry divisions & a cavalry division also on the far flank.  The emperor's infantry divs have 4 legionary units, 2 scutari & 2 skirmisher, his cavalry 4 Gallic medium cav.  The legionaries on the right are vets.  The rebels have 2 heavy cav 2 light cav units in their cavalry div while their infnatry divs all have 4 heavy inf & 2 skirmishers.  The heavy infnatry on the left is auxilary, in the centre vanilla legionaries, on the right Dacian vets.
 Both sides tried to advance in echelon right first.  The rebels did it perfectly while the emperor's right blundered about & dropped behind.
The fight started with the cavalry and mixed fortunes, both sides winning and losing a fight, while the rebel vets broke through the left flank of the Emperor's infantry.
The rebel vets are trying to manoeuvre onto the flank of the Emperor's infantry but they are pressing forward regardless.  The Emperor's vets are still trying to close with the auxilia on the hill.  Both side's cavalry are regrouping.
The Emperor's centre division has been broken, but his vets have finally got to grips with the auxilia which are crumbling fast.
The Emperor's vets are mopping up while the victorious rebel divisions and both side's cavalry are still reorganising.
The Emperor's cavalry having first fallen back have turned right and have charged through the end of the Rebel line.
Both sides work to get their battle lines back into shape at right angles to the original line.
The battle ended when the Emperor threw his last unshaken cavalry unit against the unit at the end of the rebel infantry line.  If they had won, the rebel vets would have broken giving him a chance of winning, but the gamble failed, it was the cavalry that broke, with it the cavalry division broke and thus the Emperor's army.

Maharajah 2012 scores:
Jim's Pontic army: 1 win, 0 losses
Steve's Sassanids: 1 loss, 0 wins
Mike & Mark's Romans: Both 1 win, 1 loss

Next match:  Steve's Sassanids v. Jim's Pontic army this Thursday night.

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