Friday, January 25, 2013

Nick in Launceston

Nick vs Rob, 1750 pts, Flames of War.

We had agreed to play a bulge themed game. This was great -- I got to play with my winter based Germans -- the first time in about 5 years!!!! And whats even better, I got to use my JagdTigers -- for the first time ever!!!!!

Rob had 2nd Infantry division -- with winter training, they would have been deadly in the snow. Fortunately, we agreed it was light snow -- just for visual effect.

I must say the table did look nice!!!

The scenario was breakthrough -- with the Germans attacking.  The German artillery failed to kill anything on the first turn, and immediately suffered from counter battery fire.  The rest of the Germans were off table, waiting to come on to attack the objective.

Unfortunately, the US managed to get into position to guard the objectives.  The first German reserve, some pioneers, managed to take out a US platoon.  But from then on the German troops came on into a hail of lead.  And when the JagdTigers came on, they were met with a reception:

The US 155mm artillery took out one JagdTiger, and eight bazookas attacked the other one -- it wasn't the panzer corps finest hour!!!!

Another great victory to Rob!

Next week -- Tunisia!!

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Phil said...

Some beautiful pictures in the snow, great work!