Friday, February 01, 2013

Nick in Launceston

Nick vs Rob. Flames of war, 1500 points, mid war. Rob's US infantry vs Nick's Panzer Pioneers.

The scenario was dust up. To cut a long story short, Nick had a Tiger, and wherever that Tiger went, Rob's Stuarts didnt go! Eventually the Stuarts and a US infantry platoon were fighting against a unit of Panzer Pioneers and Panzer Grenadiers over an objective. The Pioneers went down hard -- finally using a flame thrower that was the last team standing other than the command team to try to force the US infantry into a morale check. They passed, and Nick conceded when he had one command pioneer team facing about 5 US infantry teams and 5 Stuarts. On the other flank, the German Tiger killed the US artillery, but the Panzer Pioneers and the Tiger melted away when faced with US infantry dug in in woods. A 4-3 to Rob, and a particularly bloody game for the Germans -- at the end Nick had one platoon consisting of two half-tracks, one platoon of two Nebelwerfers and command, and one platoon consiting of just the command team. Reminiscient of the Russian Front!

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