Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nick in Launceston

Nick vs Rob in Flames of War. Nick forgot his army, so used Shanes beautiful Panzer Lehr (which Shane had just sold to Rob).

Rob had mainly infantry, with heavy artillery and some Stuart light tanks. Nick had infantry in halftracks, with panzer IV's and Panthers.

The mission was domination -- it was the first time Ive played domination, and it was a lot of fun. To find the domination missions, look at the I95 website. In the end, hill tops and road junctions had victory points. There were 12 victory points scattered over the table, and victory went to the player who had 8 victory points on or after turn 6.

I had a sneaky plan, taking all of the low value objectives on the flank, and rushing in to take one high value objective with my recon. The plan almost worked -- just the minor detail of Rob destroying one of my flanking forces preventing world domination. Eventually a draw was agreed. All in all a fun night -- I want to play domination again!

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