Saturday, February 09, 2013

Somewhere near Arnhem ....

Nick vs Rob, 1750 pts Flames of War. Rob has US paratroops. Nick had a Stug Batterie.

The table was covered in woods. Perfect terrain for the paratroops. The mission was hasty attack -- which seemed appropriate for the situation -- the Stug batterie desperately trying to attack the paratroops in an uncoordinated fashion.

Nick had a secret weapon.  A King Tiger.  Which, since the paratroops had no tanks, was an absolute waste of points.  And the King Tiger was eventually destroyed by the Allied airpower!  But Nick had a second secret weapon -- a StuH 42 platoon, which was devastatingly effective.

For the paratroops, using the woods was as much a liability as an advantage.  By positioning the StuH 42's so that only bazooka teams were in range, Nick steadily ate away at the US infantry until they had to retreat deep into their woods.  At that point Nick moved to concentrate on one objective, and the game was soon over.  But not without loss -- not only did the King Tiger die, so did the pioneers that lead the assault onto the paratroops -- but they did enough damage that the Germans tanks only had to run over a command stand with one bazooka.

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