Friday, February 22, 2013

Nick in Launceston

Two games of Flames of War at the club tonight.  Which was good -- because they were the only games!  Where have the others gone?  I remember when you had to get there early to get a table!!!!!

Game 1 was Nick vs Dennis.  1500 pts Cauldron mission.  As I mis-remembered what we agreed to, I bought Germans rather than Soviets, and hence we ended up with a 'blue on blue' game.  Dennis had German Grenadiers with tigers in support.  I had a StuG Batterie with pioneers in support.. 

This was a fast and furious game.  I deployed the pioneers near one objective:

Dennis turn 1: Dennis revealed his immediate ambush (4 Marders), and shot the Pioneers with the Marders and Tigers  Two stands of pioneers died.

Nick turn 1: A platoon of StuG's arrived from reserve.  They shot the Marders and killed 2.  The Pioneers moved up to assault the Tigers.  I misplayed, and the Marders managed to get in defensive fire along with the Tigers, and the assault was beaten back.

Dennis turn 2: The surviving Marders shot and destroyed my Stug Platoon.  The Tigers assaulted the Pioneers (after killing some more with machine gun shots).  But the Pioneers counterattacked and killed the Tigers.

Nick turn 3: Another platoon of StuG's arrived from reserve.  They killed the remaining Marders. I assaulted the observer who was sitting on the objective -- his one rifle shot killed a stand as I went into the assault.  While the Pioneers killed the observer, their morale then broke.

Dennis turn 3: Dennis had to take an army morale check as he had lost two platoons and only had one left.  He failed, and it was game over before Dennis even got to do anything for his turn.

The game was short and sharp.  However, both Dennis and I agreed that we prefer lower point totals -- there was room for maneuver.

Game 2 was Rob vs Shane -- US vs Panzer Lehr.  I'm not sure how it ended though.

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