Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nick in Launceston

Its been a while since I played a game in Launceston.  Real life has not been too pleasant for the last few months, and I haven't been wargaming.  But the job situation looks better, my grandmothers funeral is over, and, all in al, it was time for a game!!!!

Flames of War -- 1500 pts. -- Nick (Soviet Udarny) vs Rob (SS Panzer).

The battle was a free for all. 

I had:

13x Udarny Infantry, 5x Sappers, 4x AT rifles, 2x Flamethrowers
9x Udarny, 2x Flamethrowers
3x Scouts
4x ISU 122 platoon with tank riders.

Rob had

3x Panther
6x Panzer IV
4x Stug
2x 8-rad armoured car.

The battle was an epic.  With forest for cover, the large Udarny powered down one flank, taking out 6x Panzer IV and 2x Panther.  The ISU 122 took out the other Panther, and 2x Stugs.  All was set for a glorious victory:

There was one minor issue -- the German 8-rads got into the Soviet rear.  My holding force of AT rifles and a sapper stand left behind to hold the objective died horrible deaths.  And Rob got a well earned victory!


lap1964 said...

2x Flamethrowers
Hi Nick,in V3 you can't attach both of them to 1 coy/plt .

Nick said...

I actually had 4 flamethrowers -- I just forgot to mention the other 2, since they did diddly squat!