Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mithridates Strikes back

Maharajah 2012 battle:  Jim's Pontic army v. Mike's Romans

The Romans fielded 2 infantry divisions of 4 legionaries, 2 Scutari & 2 skirmishers plus a cavalry division of 4 medium cav (deployed on their right).  The Pontic army had 2 infantry divisions of 2 phalanx, 2 Thorakatai & 2 skirmisher bows plus 2 cavalry divisions, one of 2 Sarmartans plus 2 horse archers on their left, the other of 3 Pontic cav plus 3 horse archers on their right.
The Romans are on the right in the pics.
The Ponts sent their archers foot and horse forward and made a slow advance on their left.  The Romans made a general advance with the flanks forward.
 Having got their horse archers out on the Roman right  flank, the Ponts attacked in echelon left forward.  The Roman horse couldn't handle the combination of horse archers & heavy cavalry with knotos and were soon in big trouble.  The Roman legion in the centre charged forward while the one on their left was delayed by bow fire.  The Romans cleared the Pontic skirmishers in the centre.
The Pontic horse on the far flank have broken the Roman horse and are working around the flank of the Roman foot.   One phalanx was broken by the legionaries and another fell back, but with the other legion bogged down by the horse the Pontic centre was able to reform.
The left flank phalanx supported by cavalry broke their opponents and pushed on against the scutari behind.as the Pontic cavalry charged their flank guard front and flank.The Roman right collapsed as the cavalry made sweeping advances down the line.  The centre legion broke giving Mithridates victory.

Jim's Pontic army will meet the winner of Steve's Sassanids v. Mark's Romans in the Grand Final.

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