Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pike Shotte: New Model v. Covernanters

Jim's new Model v. Mike's Covernanters

Both sides had 2 cavalry & 2 infantry divs.  The New Model's cavalry was better quality, the Scots had more infantry & artillery.
The New Model is on the left with cavalry on each wing.  The Scots put all their cavalry on the far flank.
 The Scots made a steady general advance.  The New Model supported their left flank cavalry with artillery & foot.  The rest of their foot advanced towards the village.  On the near flank, their dragoons advanced in open order while the horse formed column and moved right.
On the far flank the Scots horse are charging.  In the centre both sides are deploying in their half of the village.  On the near flank, the New Model cavalry turned around and moved back to the left - the move to the right was a feint.
One of the Scots cavalry divisions was broken when it failed to charge home on the guns  & was counterattacked by New Model horse.  But the other Scots horse division struck back, they charged the guns in flank and broke the New Model horse as well.  On the near flank the Scots foot is advancing while the New Model dragoons try to delay them.
On the far flank the surviving Scots horse are retreating rather than face the fresh cavalry from the other flank.  On the near flank the Scots infantry is slowly advancing.  In the centre, the New Models had formed a L shaped defensive line with the angle protected by the village.
The large Scots division on their left is slowly manoeuvering  onto the river line under fire from the New they bring reinforcements across from the left.  The Scots have tried attacking across the bridge, but were easily beaten back by shotte in the buildings.
The Scots have finally deployed on the river line but hesitate to cross as New Model reinforcements come up.
If the Scots had a chance to break the New Model's right, they missed it.  Their line is gradually been whittled away by the New Model musketeers firing from cover.
The Scots see they are losing the fight and pull back.  The New Model follow up.
The Scots slip away, just 1 unit shy of being broken.  The New Model stop at the river, not wanting to expose their flank to artillery fire, so a draw is agreed to.

Once the fight in the open on the far flank turned into a draw the terrain made a decisive result difficult to achieve with neither side prepared to take the risk of  an all out attack & the Scots prudent enough to get out of losing fights in time.


Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Not my era but that's a great looking game!

Velva said...

This is cool!