Friday, January 04, 2013

Visiting the Bunker rats

Steve & I took a trip to Kingston to check out the Bunker Rat's Thursday night.  There about a dozen of them playing FOW.  Some in training for Cancon, others playing a Tank Aces mini campaign.  We put on a Bolt Action game to show them what WWII can be like in in 28mm.

Bolt Action Point Defence Mission
Steve's Panzergrenadiers v. Jim's British ...about 1,000 pts each.  The defenders (Brits) have 3 objectives to defend (3 isolated trees spread along the LHS of the table).  They have half their force "hidden" on table at the start, the other half in reserve.  The attackers can come on either in a "first wave" on turn 1 or from reserve.  Steve chose to put all his troops in the first wave.  The attackers win by taking 2+ objectives, the defender's win by holding all 3, tie by holding 2.
The scenario suited the Panzergrenadiers - with all their infantry mounted in half tracks they had the mobility to attack fast.  Steve concentrated his attack on the Brit right and overran the defenders of the near objective plus the observers on the hill before they had recovered from the preliminary bombardment.

The  Brits brought their reserves on in the centre and made a defensive line to defend the central objective.  The Germans turned right and pressed their attack with their half tracks providing fire support to the dismounted panzergrenadiers and the Stug taking on a 6 pdr & a Cromwell.  Tommies in the wood surprised all by defeating a panzergreandier attack against the odds, but could stop the second wave.  The Stug pinned down the 6pdr then popped the perpetually unlucky Cromwell.

A last turn attack on the central objective took the Germans within an inch of victory but the Brits had pushed all they could forward and their HQ squad just held on to dispute it and salvage a tie..

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