Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maharajah 2012 Grand Final

Steve's Sassanids v. Jim's Pontic army

Both armies had 4 divisions making 700 pts (including 140 pts for command by our house rule using P&S command costs - both having 4 div commanders at 8 & a CIC at 7).  Both sides cavalry divisions were on the flanks and comprised 3 heavy cavalry + 3 horse archers, but the Sassanids were slightly stronger with 3 cataphracts with kontos & bow whereas the Pont's had no cataphracts & only 2/3 with kontos.  The Sassanid infantry comprised 2 medium & 2 heavy foot with bow & spear in 1 division and 5 light archers in the other.   The Pontic infantry divisions were both 2 imitation Romans + 4 light archers.
For those of you not familiar with the traditions of Camp Cromwell, the Maharajah Trophy pictured above has been fought over as the club championship since 1995.
 Steve is finalising his deployment - the Sassanids are on the left in all the pics.  The Sassanid heavy infantry & most of both Pontic cavalry wings are on low ridges that border the plain.
The Sassanids advanced in echelon, left forward.  The Ponts sent bowmen forward in open order all along the line & advanced their infantry as fast as command dice would allow (which wasn't very).  Their heavy cavalry was content to sit on the ridges and let the enemy come to them.
The cavalry on both flanks are sparing with each other, both generals trying to gain advantage before committing their heavy cavalry.  The Sassanid light infantry is being pushed back by one Pontic infantry division while their heavy division is holding its own against the other.
The cavalry on both flanks are still sparing with each other.  In the centre both sides have lost an infantry division and are engaged in a exchange of arrows.  One of the imitation Roman units, having pursued an archer unit to its death, is charging towards the rear of the Sassanid cavalry on the near flank, but the Pontic cavalry's attempt to pin the cavalry frontally has failed.
On the far flank, the Ponts were at first pushed back, but they rallied and fought back.  The Sassanid heavy infantry are verging on breaking under the hail of arrows though they have managed to beat off a flank attack by Pontic cavalry.  On the near flank, the imitation Roman's intervention has given the Ponts an advantage.
Mithradites considers his options .
Both sides have lost 1 division and have all 3 remaining ones on the verge of breaking as each side takes turns to gain and lose the advantage
On the far flank, the Sassanid cavalry have broken.  On the near flank, the Pontic cavalry have broken.  In the centre, the 2 opposing infantry units just can't land a killer blow on each other.  Both sides are reduced to 2 divisions, all on the verge of breaking.  Two old stagers have slugged each other to a standstill in an epic contest worthy of a Grand Final.

As the battle stood, getting a result would hinge on who was the first to throw a bad morale roll.  Neither player, nor the umpire thought it appropriate for the trophy to be determined virtually by a dice roll, and we decided that as both sides had lost 2 out of 4 divisions & none of the remaining divisions was in good shape, a draw was the appropriate result.   The Grand Final will be re-fought in three weeks time.


Truscott Trotter said...

Aaaaargh its like the Colingwood V Saintzs GF all over again!

Anonymous said...

thanks john as per usual a very provocative comment may be bayern munich v rio madrid be more appropriate