Friday, March 21, 2014

Lasalle -- The French Implode!

A great Lasalle game against Dennis.

The French had:
- Infantry Division core
- Elite Infantry Brigade
- Cuirassiers Brigade

Denis, as Austrians, had:
- Infantry Division core
- Cavalry Brigade
- Grenadier Brigade

The French were attacking. The Austrians sent their cavalry on a flanking march to disrupt the French advance. The game started well for the French when the Cuirassiers arrived from reserve early in the piece. The Austrian cavalry immediately turned tail and started an 'advance to the rear'!

However, the French advance soon fell apart.  The Austrian cavalry turned around when they reached their table edge.  The Austrian cavalry was expecting to die gloriously.  Instead, they won.  The other cuirassier unit was embroiled with the Austrian lancers -- it won, put pursued into a bad position, where it had to ignominiously retreat from a solid infantry line.

With the Austrian cavalry victorious, and the remaining French Cuirassiers entangled, the French suddenly found that their line was being rolled up.  They advanced on the other flank, but failure their soon lead to the French army breaking.


Dead1 said...

The Austrian plan to tie up the French worked really fact far better than expected

Attrocious French luck helped!

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