Sunday, March 23, 2014

Muskets & Tomahawks at Barrie's Sunday School

Barrie, Russ & Mark's British
John, Jim & Chris' French Canadians

All players on each side had a force of 1 officer, 1 Regular, 1 Irregular & 1 Indian unit.
The French-Canadian objective was to burn the village.  They started deployed 8" onto their side of the table.  The British objective was to scout - their victory condition being to get a unit into each of the 6 2x2' squares making up the 6x4' table. They moved onto the table as each unit's first move.

The pics are all taken from behind the French Canadian left.
The first pic is near the end of turn 1, with most troops having had all their moves (most of the cards left in the pile are for the French Indians).  For the French, Chris's men have advanced into the village, Jim's on the left have driven Russ' Rangers back with fire, while John's on the right are engaged with Barrie's wing.
In the centre, Chris's troops have set all the house in the town on fire.   Mark's Regulars have subsequently driven Chris' Militia back from the 2 storey house with a bayonet charge, but Chris' Regulars have in turn all but destroyed Mark's Regulars with volley fire.  On the left Russ's Indians have been driven back thru the wood by Jim's Indians & his Militia have been routed by volley fire. 
On the right Barrie is doing well & has driven John's troops back.

The battle was declared a French Canadian victory at this point.  The British have troops in 4 squares & will probably get into a 5th, but have no chance of getting into the nearest square before the houses, which are all well alight, are destroyed. 

It was an enjoyable little battle with a good time had by all.  The British failure to rush troops forward to get to the 2 storey house first was their fatal mistake.

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Dead1 said...

You Southerners put on a lovely looking game!