Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Nick in Launceston -- Eclipse

There is ANOTHER place to play games in Launceston -- Messiah Café.  https://www.facebook.com/messiahcoffee

This is a small café on Charles St.  However, it has a LARGE collection of boardgames on the shelves for patrons to play.  It is generally open during the day, but on selected evenings they open for a games night.  Rock up, find some people, pick a game, and play.  The host is extremely friendly, and will gladly teach you games, and introduce you to a game group.

I went with a couple of the guys from work.  The plan was to play eclipse, but when the box was opened, some pieces were missing.  The pieces were at someones house, but he was coming down anyway, so we had to wait till he arrived.  So we started out with a quick game of carcassone.  I was hopeless.  We then launched into eclipse.  Eclipse is a serious, crunchy boardgame -- not for the faint hearted.  And it is long.  We only completed 3 turns before the store closed.  But we were learning, and I think there is a strong desire for a long running game now we know the rules


Jim Gandy said...

Showing my age here, but what exactly does "crunchy" mean.

Nick said...

Crunchy is a boardgamegeek term for a game that is complex, either in rules or in play. It is something you can 'sink your teeth into'. E.g., Chess would be crunchy, because it has a lot of skill. Eclipse is crunchy, because it is complex.