Sunday, November 16, 2014

A trip to Molesworth for WOTR

Dave had completed a Yorkist army and invited us up county to give them their first taste of battle.  That I also took a Yorkist army mattered little as both side looked much the same anyway.  So Chris & I lead the Cromwell Yorkists v. Dave & Mark's Moleworth Yorkists.  Both sides had 3 battles with slightly different mixes of bow, men at arms & cavalry.

The Molesworth army is on the far side.  Mark commanding their right & centre, Dave their left.  The Cromwellians are on the nears side with Chris commanding their left & Jim commanding right & centre.
The Cromwellians made general advance with 2 bow units seizing the village on their right flank.

In the foreground Mark's bowmen are enjoying good shooting from the hill against Chris' battle.  On the far flank Dave is attacking the village.  On the left of the village The Cromwellians have charged with foot and horse but devastating defensive fire has blunted the attack at the start.
Both Dave's attack on the village and Jim's in the centre have been beaten off.  The Cromwellian cavalry charged in the centre, but it was a debacle with one unit broken & the other pushed abck 7 followed up. 
On the far flank, the Cromwellian right battle has broken, but Jim's centre division has counterattacked and broken the Molesworth centre.  The surviving Cromwellian cavalry somehow held on as they were driven back until the Moleworth cavalry was attacked in rear by men at arms and destroyed.
Now both side had lost a battle the fight entered a new phase.  The Molesworth left is trying to move to the centre to help their right.  The Cromwellians are attacking the Molesworth right to try & take them out before their left can come over.
The Cromwellian attack has succeeded and the Molesworth right has broken.  The Cromwellian victory in the centre was more valuable than the Molesworth victory on their left as the Cromwellian centre was able to join in an attack on the Molesworth left before the victorious Molesworthians could help them.

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A worthy victory