Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nick in Launceston - Catch up

I have been lazy, and haven't given an update for a few weeks.

1. 2 weeks ago.

Nothing to see. Just my Saracens being overrun by Crusaders again in Saga. One day they will figure out how to fight, and it will be glorious!!!!!

2. Last Week.

Rod couldn't make it, so Rob had a game we Brucey (As in Bruce Lee, as in the sound you make when doing karate, as in ... oh, forget it). It looked like a close game of FOW, with Panzer IV's and Shermans duelling.

Nick vs Ben in a Vietnam. Ben's Australians pushed the Vietnamese off the objective, but not without losing 4x M113 to RPG fire, and miraculously surviving an ambush by 20+ stands of AK47 wielding insurgents! A close but well deserved victory by Ben.

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