Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday afternoon Bolt Action at Good Games

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Chris' Soviet Rifles.

This afternoon two grizzled retired gentlemen rode their electric bikes to Good Games with army boxes on the carry racks for some Bolt Action.  We played the new scenario from the Tank battles supplement that we played last week with armour.  The scenario has D6 objectives placed alternatively by the players, then they dice to see who chooses which side of the table to deploy from.  Both sides then come on from opposite sides.  The winner is the side who holds the most objectives after 6 or 7 turns, or if that is a tie, you win if you destroyed 2 more enemy squads than you lost.  This makes for a very interesting scenario, with 2 ways to win & variety in the number of objectives.

The Germans have come on from the right.  The objectives are in the wood near left, the wood far right and between the houses.

The Germans seized the nearest house in turn 2 (the turn counter hasn't been advanced).

The Soviets attacked the near house held by the Germans with veteran tough fighters and have taken it.  The Germans have occupied the other house.  Long range firefights are going on both flanks.

A second Soviet infantry unit has tried to attack the second house but has been pinned down on the road by firepower. 

The Soviet unit trying to attack the 2nd house has been routed by German fire, as have the Soviet units on the far flank.  Both sides hold 1 objective with one in dispute, but the Soviets have lost 5 units to the German's 2, so a German victory.

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Truscott Trotter said...

Sounds like a wargaming equivalent of the 2 hairy bikers