Tuesday, February 09, 2016

ACW 28mm: The Union attacks

The scenario had a Confederate force defending against a 33% larger Union force.
Confederates (Mark & Renfrey): 1 Vet div of 4 units.  1 Reg div of 4 units.  2 Reg divs of 3 units. 2 Parrot guns, 2 Napoleon guns. Command 9 for vets & CIC, 8 otherwise.
Union (Jim & Mike): 1 div of 2 Vets & 2 Regs, 3 Reg div sof 4, 1 cav div of 4, 4 Parrot guns & 2 Napoleon guns.  Command 8 for all except the div with the Vet inf which is 9.
Victory conditions: Either break 3 of the enemy divisions, or be in possession of the town at 10pm.
Rules: Hail Mr Lincoln (our modified Hail Caesar).
 The Rebs are on the left.
There is a small Reb div in the town.  (There was some discussion about the wisdom of putting Mark in charge of the Saloon & Whorehouse). 
On the near flank the Union cavalry has galloped forward and dismounted to fight against the Reb reserve sent their way to stop them outflanking the Reb centre.
In the centre the Union Parrot battery is pounding the Reb centre (which has partly withdrawn to try & get out of the fire) while two inf divs advance through the orchards each side of the battery.
On the far flank the Rebs popped over the ridge to open fire on Mike's infantry as they tried to cross the creek. 
The Union cavalry are tying down an inf div on this flank.
In the centre one Reb inf div and their artillery is inflicting heavy casulaties on the two Union attacks, but the Union artillery has also done a lot of damage to the Rebs. 
On the far flank, Mike's attempt to cross the river & attack has bogged down into a firefight.
The Union attack left of centre has carried the fence line & the Reb div in the centre is broken.  The div on the near flank is still holding off the Union cav, but is now outflanked.
The Reb right has been cleaned out and the Union divs in the centre are advancing on the town.    Mark launched a counterattack out of the town on the far end of the big hill, but there were enough Union troops still fit to fight able to come up and to beat it off.  
The Union Parrot battery has been moved to the right to help Mike.
Jim's divs in the centre are advancing on the town, but all Union divs have serious casaulties that make an attack on the town not an attractive proposition and 10pm is approaching.
But before Mark thought of pulling them back out of the line of fire, one of the Reb units on the scrubby ridge is broken by the parrot guns redeployed on the ridge on the Union side firing over the valley.  This breaks the division and with it the Rebel army as it has now lost 3 of 4 divs.
So the Union have won with about 15 mins to spare.  

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