Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Modder Fokkers

SteveJ: 2 Fokker DVII
Mark: 1 Albatros DV, 1 Hannover C

Renfrey: 2 Camels

The fight initially split into two parts with Steve's Fokkers going at Ed's SPADs & Renfrey's Camels going for Mark's planes.  
 Ed dived under the Fokkers, but they turned fast onto the SPAD's tails.
At the other end of the table there wasthe sort of confused melee you'd expect from Mark & Renfrey with both sides coping damage.
The SPADs used their speed to outrun the Fokkers but not before both planes had taken a bit of damage and one pilot wounded.  The SPADs turned back towards the British lines bringing all the planes together into a single dogfight.   Steve's greater experience as a pilot showed as the Allied planes one by one copped serious damage and ran for home. 

All 4 Allied planes escaped giving the Germans 4 VPs to none.  The Allied planes all had serious damage before they escaped.  Mark's planes all survived with moderate damage.  Steve's planes didn't get a scratch on them.

As umpire the only tricky bit was checking altitude differences.  I think this can be easily improved by painting the sticks in multi-coloured bands.  That's next on my to-do list.

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