Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Hail Caesar: Pydna 168 BC - Rome v. Macedon

Mike set up the scenario to give his Romans a run.  Jim provided the Macedonians.  The two armies each comprised 5 divisions totaling about 775 pts including command points.  Jim, Mark & Renfrey commanded the Macedonians, Mike & Chris the Romans.
The Macedonians are on the left with a cavlry div on each wing, 2 phalanx divs in the centre & Galacians right of centre.  The Romans have 2 divs of Romans in the centre, allied foot left of centre, cavalry on the left and a mixed force of elephants and light infantry & cavalry on the right.
The Macedonians advanced all along the line. The Romans advanced their centre, but held back their flanks.
On the far flank the Macedonian cavalry gradually got on top of the mixed division despite the disorder caused by the elephants.  In the centre the Roamns made a hole in the phalanx line, but were hurt enough to be unable to exploit the gap.   
 On the near flank the Galatians & Macedonian cavalry are pushing the Roman allies back.
On the far flank the Roman allies have broken.  In the centre the Roman advance has stalled.   On the near flank the Roman allies are hanging on. 
 In the centre the Romans have fallen back onto the rough ground as the remaining 2 fresh phalanxes advance.  On the near flank the Roamn cavalry has broken and the allied foot is in big trouble.
The Roman allies infantry has now broken leaving the Romans with just 2 of 5 divisions so they fail the army break test.  The Macedonians have lost no divisions.  The Romans actually lost no Roman infantry units at all, but somehow got neutalised by the phalanx while their allies were destroyed.

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