Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sails of Glory at Barrie's

We had six players thus 6 ships to try out Sails of Glory for the first time.
British: Barrie, Rusty & Jake
French: JohnM, Jim & PeterC
For once the French won. Jim gained the weather gauge as John & Peter mixed it up with the enemy, then swooped down on the wind to finish off the damaged British ships.  Only Jake's ship escaped for the Brits.  On the French side Peter's ship was badly damaged, but still afloat.

The system is similar to Wings of Glory.  As most of us had played that, this made it easy to grasp the principles, but we were also lead astray in some aspects which were a bit different.  We used only the Basic rules in this our first game - which turned out to be a good plan as even then we got a few things wrong - only discovering our errors later in the game.  We intend to play the Standard game next time & maybe graduate to the Advanced rules later.   Even with out blundering about it was an enjoyable game & all are keen to play more of it.

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