Saturday, January 30, 2016

89 Cambridge Rd Regimental Reunion in Canberra

Cancon 2016 also saw a reunion of many of the vets of Jim's wargames room at 89 Cambridge Road in the 70's.  Jim, Chris, Mark & PeterC travelled to Canberra for Cancon where Dale & Steve Daniels and PeterW now live.  In addition to Jim & Chris' Bolt Action at Cancon we played several other games at Steve's place.

PeterC & SteveD were both keen to try Bolt Action so the Camp Cromell Cancon armies were put into after hours service in two demo/practice games.
Traditional eating practices were involved.

D'Erlon's attack at Waterloo was played as a what-if Napoleon had given him some extra cavalry and artillery from the reserve.  Scenario by PeterC, rules Hail Napoleon, troops 15mm.
Mark and PeterW took the British side.Dale, Jim & Chris were the French.  Chris took the French cavary and horse guns in flanking manoeuvre around the British left as Dale attacked the ridge & Jim kept the enemy centre busy. The French frotla attack was repulsed, but the cavalry arrived in time to break the British left wing before the Prussians arrived and make a hole for the rest of the French reserves to pass through, outflank Wellington's centre & win the battle.

PeterC also set up a Crusader scenario, played with Hail King Richard rules & 15mm figs.

And finally 28mm English Civil War battle using Hail Cromwell.

 There was also the obligatory trip to the war museum where there were a couple of new things:
The only surviving WWI German tank - souvenired by the Australians.
An Italian tankette - so cute!
 And an old favourite - the ME109.

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