Sunday, January 17, 2016

BA practice for Cancon

Jim's Germans v. Dave's Japs: Heartbreak Ridge Scenario

The Japs started in the far left quatrant,  the Germans in the near right quadrant.  There is an objective on the road junction, one for the Germans near the far LH corner & one for the Japs in the near RH corner.  Both start with 2 units on the table, half the rest in 1st wave & the remainder in reserve.
Initially the Germans grabbed the nearest house to lay claim the the central objective.  The Japs let them have it but targetted it with all their mortars.
The Japs blasted the Germans out of the near house, then occupied it themselves. The Germans attacked on the far flank flank with 3 infantry units & their Stug.  After destroying the Jap mortar on the ridge they occupied the second house and tried to return the favour by blasting the Japs out of the other house with their artillery - but their gun fired at the house 5 times without ranging in, so that plan didn't work.  They did however weaken the squad in the house with other fire.

On the far flank a Banzai charge took out one of the German LMG squads, but it was taken out by a counterattack and the Panzer grenadiers got to their objective.  The Jap's moved up 2 small units to disputing it by cheezy suicidal advances.  One was blown away by the infantry, but the StugH missed killing the other leaving that objective still disputed so not actually taken at the end of turn 6.

In the centre, fearful of an attack on their weak garrison in the house by the panzergrenadiers in the other house, the Japs attacked and destroyed the German HQ behind the house intending to bring up the squad in the wood behind to support.  But assault rife fire from the panzergrens destroyed the first squad and the second squad failed command after copping one pin from the German HMG on the rear objective.  This left the Germans in control of the central objective.

The dice decreed no turn 7, so the Germans won as they now held the centre objective (worth 1 VP) while neither of the other objectives (worth 2 VPs if taken, but none to the original holder) had changed hands.

Chris & Jim are off to Cancon to play BA next week end.  Jim with Germans & Chris with Soviets.  There are about 40 entries in the BA comp (with a small majority of Allies).  Mark & PeterC are also going up but not competing.  There will also be some Hail Caesar with our old comrades who are now Canberrans - PeterW, Dale & SteveD.

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