Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ACW 28mm: Battle for Whitewash Junction

Confederates: Jim & Mark
Union: Mike & Renfrey

The Union started with a division of 4 regs deployed at the railway junction (2 in the stock yards & 1 each in the station & saloon.  A division of 4 regs + a battery is in camp at the far end of the table.  A third division of 4 inf, 4 cav & a battery is off table. 
The Rebs have 2 divs of 4 regs & a battery coming on in the foreground and right side.  They have another div of 4 inf and 2 cav off table.  The div in the foreground is veteran.
The reserves are to come on using the FOW reserves rule (5+ on 1 dice turn 1, 2 dice turn 2, etc).  The reserves of both sides had 3 possible entry points, Union near the far end, Rebs near near end.  Actual location of reserves was determined by card draw so each side knew where their own reserves were coming from, but not where the enemy's were coming from.
The Rebs have deployed their leading 2 divisions around the station & are firing at it from 2 sides.  The Union reserves came on turn 2 on the left centre of the table.  The Reb reserves came soon after at this end of the table. 
Both sides have command problems but they both sort themselves out into two pretty continuous lines across the battle field.   Mark's div in the centre is forced to pull back as Renfrey's reserve division poured fire into his flank before his own reserves could come up.
Jim's  artillery has blasted the Union troops out of the saloon.  Mark sends troops over to assist as Mike advances along the ridge.  On the far flank Renrey & Mark are sniping at long range.

On this flank the opposing divisions are mutually destructing - it's touch & go who will break first.  Renfrey reoccupied the saloon & fire from the buildings has driven Mark back.  Renfrey launched attack in the centre which was stopped by rifle fire and a counterattack on its flank. 
Renfrey narrowly survived Mark's counterattack in the centre & it was Mark's centre div that broke first.  In the same turn Jim's div broke on the Reb right so the Reb army broke.

The battle was fought using our ACW variation of Hail Caesar, Hail Mr Lincoln.  It was a very entertaining battle and a very close run thing.  The fight on the ridge near the saloon was decisive.  It was a 50/50 who would break first, but the Union won.  If the Union div has broken, the Union centre would have been outflanked and almost certainly been broken in turn. 

The station, water tower, saloon and tents are paper models made from pdfs from Eric Holtz.  I have a whole town of 19th century US buildings downloaded ready to print & assemble. 

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