Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rome in the Black Forests of Germanica

Rome: Steve & Renfrey
Barbarians: Jim & Mark
Mike set up this scenario where the main Roman army is returning to camp after an abortive attempt to attack the Barbarians & are ambushed.  The Legion left in camp rushes to help them.
Mark's two divisions have charged out of the woods at Steve's left flank.  Jim's are doing likewise on the right.  Renfrey's legion is forming up in their camp at the far end of the table. 
The Roman commander keeps his cool though surrounded by hairy barbarians.  Mark's first attack has been beaten off, but more barbarians are closing in.
Renfrey's column is on the march to the rescue.  Two warbands have been sent to delay them.  Steve's force is winning some & losing some, but still holding on.
Mark's first div has been broken and Renfrey's legion has deployed out of road column, but the barbarian cavalry has finally got moving and joined in the action.  
 The barbarians try to close in on the head of Steve's column before Renfrey's legion arrrives.
Steve's lead legion has broken but his second legion & cavalry are still fighting while the barbarian cavalry has gone back into inactive made.  But Renfrey's attack is a disaster for Rome.   The barbarians counterattacked armed with hot dice and quickly broke his legion. 
Renfrey seems inordinately happy to have retired to the safety of his camp.
With Renfrey disposed of, the barbarians turned their attention back on Steve and his army was soon broken.

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