Thursday, March 17, 2016

Flames of War refresher

Mark & I fought an afternoon Flames of War battle to refresh our skills for future tournaments, (though as it happened neither of us can go to the one in Launceston this weekend).

Free For All Mission, 1750 pts North Afrika book
Captain Ghandi's Indian Rifles v. Mark's Afrika Korps Schurtzen (both Tunisia)

The Indians are on the near side of the table.
While nothing much happened on the left of the table for the entire battle, the Indians immediately attacked on the right.  The bugs destroyed the Schutzen on the ridge, but the MkII's had doubled across from the centre to counterattack. 
The MkII's have destroyed the bugs, but the Indians& Churchills are still coming
Having destroyed the bugs the MkIII's failed their stormtrooper test after machine gunning the oncoming Indians.  While the 25pdrs smoked the Pak40's in the centre, the Churchills destroyed the Panzers in one turn.  The werfers did great execution on the Indian infantry, but they were Fearless & didn't break.  The Churchills breasted the ridge and with a bit of help from the infantry soon wiped out the werfers to gain complete control of the objective and victory.

Not having played FOW for some months we were a bit rusty woth the rules at first, but getting there firstest with the mostest always works even if you can't remember the rules. 

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