Thursday, March 10, 2016

Modder Fokkers

We missed two Tuesdays due to unfortunate circumstances, but NickB was in town this week & I was pleased to be able to put on a Thursday game of Modder Fokkers for him, SteveJ & Ed.

SteveJ: Albatros + Rolland.
Ed: 2 Albatrii 

Jim: Sopwith Tripe + Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter
NickB: Neuport 11 + Sopwith Pup

The two seaters of each side had to fly the length of the table 4 hexes on their side of the centreline on a recon mission (in opposite directions).  Each side had 3 fighters coming on theoposite side of the table.  VPs were gained by:
2 VPs if your 2 seater completed the photo run & got off the other short table edge.
2 VPs for each enemy plane shot down.
1 VP for each enemy fighter that ran for home.

The 2 sides had planes with very different characteristics.  The British planes were more manoeuvreable than the Albatrii, but the Albatrii were tougher and outgunned them with twin machine guns. 
Both sides chose the same strategy and immediately crossed the table to form an escort for their own 2 seater.  The Brits are in the foreground forming up behind the Strutter, the Germans in the background are doing the same behind the Rolland. 
Both flocks of fighters turned towards each other and the dogfight began as the 2 seaters both cruised on unmolested taking their photos. 

The dogfight was pretty confused, but the Brits did much better at the vital business of getting on tails while SteveJ had rotten luck with special damage, managing to get himself wounded, his engine damaged and his airframe damaged while no one else got any special damage at all.  One of Ed's Albatrii was chased from the table by the Tripe while Nick's Pup pounced on the tail of Steve's stricken plane.
 Steve tried to run for home, but the Pup got him first.
The remaining Albatros (off shot above the pic) then used its height advantage to run for home before the pack of Allied fighters could get up to it.

VPs: Germans: 2 for successful recon.
         Brits: 2 for successful recon, 2 for shooting down an Albatros, 2 for 2 Albatrii running away.

Since the last game I painted the sticks in coloured bands.  This made height differentials much easier to see and was a significant improvement.

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