Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sails of Glory at Barries

Six players six ships.
FrenchL Jim, Steve & JohnW
British: Barrie,  Ed & JohnM.
The French started on the near side.  The wind is down the table from the left.  Far right Steve & JohnM are engaging in mutually assured destruction.  Far left JohnW & Ed are dancing around each other.  In the foreground Barrie & Jim have already passed each other with an exchange of fire that heavily favoured the French when Barrie tried to be cunning and hold his fire for a better shot that didn't happen.

Subsequently Barrie agains misjudged distances and sailed into the mouths of Jim's guns & was sunk.  JohnM eventually sunk Steve's ship, but was so badly damaged himself he sank anyway.    Ed & JohnW's put a lot of damage on each other, but Ed ran for home when Jim's almost intact ship turned towards him.

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