Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Bolt Action School

The usual suspects were otherwise engaged tonight, but NickB & newbies Sean & Matthew showed up.  I mentored Sean with my Regular Brits list while Nick mentored Matthew with one of my Veteran Panzergrenadier lists.   The scenario was basically the Tank War scenario, but modified with a deployment turn at the start to compensate for the larger than standard table.
The Brits are on the right, Germans on the left. There are 5 objectives - the croosroad, the exits of teh road from left to right & the two ridges at the far end.  The Brits are making a big push in the centre with some fire support on each flank.  The Germans are sending their 2 large Panzergrenadiers units forward in the centre with support on both flanks.  The Panzergrens have taken control of the centre objective putting the Germans in the box seat.
The British barrage did little, but they had one stroke of luck when their mortar immobilised the Stuh 42, but it rallied off the pins next turn, the mortar lost the range & the Stuh didn't need to move to find targets.  The British had to attack to get back an objective, but their attacks floundered in the face of the Germans firepower
The Brits continued making ever more desperate attacks in the village.  They eventually wore down the Panzergrens in the house & the Brit command team actually took the house in turn 5.  But they had no supports left & another Panzergren unit moved to keep the objective contested & thus still a German VP.  The Brits conceded at the end of turn 6.

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