Tuesday, August 16, 2016

English Civil War: Hail Cromwell!

I had too busy a week to set anything up so we threw together a scenario with each army having 2 inf divs of 2 pike & 4 shot, 1 cav div of 4 horse & 2 small shot units. To make it interesting we kept a lot of the BA scenery last week on the table.   Mike command Royals, Jim Parliament.  Mark umpired.  NickB turned up late & watched the end.
 We used map deployement restricted to 18" from our own baselines.  Jim's Parliamentarians are on the near side.  Both sides predictably put their horse at this end & attached musketers at the far end.
 Mike seized the village while Jim tried to sweep around Mike's right flank.
Mike tried a pre-emptive stike at the Parl't foot, but they formed hedgehog.  The Roundhead horse failed command to take advantage (even with their CIC with them).
The Roundhead horse failed to charge home, but Parl'ts foot is hurting the enemy's right with converging fire, their pikes have charged in the centre & shotte on the woods covers their own right.
The Cavaliers have repelled the Roundhead horse, but have lost more casualties.   The Royalis pikes are making a desperate counterattack on the right of their line.
The Royalist foot are falling back all along the line.  The Roundhead horse remain reluctant to charge. 
The Roundhead horse eventually charged and routed the Cavaliers & are now galloping across the enemy's rear looking for prey that isn't in a wood or carrying pikes.  The Royalist foot in all on half strength & mostly shaken.  The end is near.
The Parliamenary pikes have been beaten off from the wood, but shot has completed the job of getting the centre div half broken & half shaken, so they break and with them the Royalist army breaks. Though with  the Roundhead cavalry div in the rear, not sure where to.

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