Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Crusaders v. Heretics

Nick set up a scenario tonight based on Simon de Montfort's war in France.
Simon de Montfort is besieged off table behind the camera.  A relief force is at the far end of the table.  2 veteran crusader knights and 2 battles of infantry are escorting a supply train.  The heretics have raised the siege and are marching out to meet the relief force.  They to have a cavalry battle and 2 infantry battles - much larger than the relief force, but not as good a quality having both less combat power and poorer command.
Mike commands the heretic left, Steve commands their right.  Mark has the relief force's right and Chris their left. de Montfort wins if his supply train gets through, The heretics win if it is destroyed, Either side can lose by army break test. 
The crusader cavalry advance realistically impetuously ahead of their infantry.
(The cameraman now changes ends of the table).
The crusaders charge the heretic cavalry but their right flank infantry blunders off to the right.
The Crusader cavalry has some success, but was still in danger of being swamped when the umpire announced to everyone's surprise that Simon de Montfort (Jim's command) had galloped up from the seige and had arrived in the rear for the heretics with 2 more crusader cavalry units.
The infantry are now engaged on both flanks as de Montfort makes his presence felt in the centre.
On the left Chris is under pressure from weight of numbers as he presses forward to protect the cavalry's flank.  In the centre the heretic cavaly is being mopped up.   Mark has benefited from some cavalry support on the right and is pushing forward in front of the train.
de Montfort's cavalry turns left to help Chris out.   The train is left vulnerable by Mark's enthusiasum for blood, but poor heretic command keeps it safe.
Both heretic wings are now in danger of breaking, but de'Montfort's left and cavalry are getting pretty tired too.
In the end the heretics needed some hot dice to get out of trouble and they didn't get them.  Their right has broken and with it their army.  The train is also about to go off the table and provide a win for de Montfort that way. 

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Monty said...

Great looking game!